Is Your Wood Floor Old and Tired Looking?

Restore it with hardwood floor refinishing services in Montville & Chatham, NJ and the surrounding NJ metro area

One of the most beautiful features of hardwood is its lustrous shine. But after years of foot traffic and wear, those once-glistening floors can become dull and lose their appeal. Instead of wasting time trying to restore your floors yourself, call on a professional hardwood floor refinishing service. GEMS Flooring LLC uses sanding machines to make your hardwood floors truly shine.

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How should you prepare for wood floor refinishing service?

How should you prepare for wood floor refinishing service?

Wood floor refinishing is a big project that requires a certain amount of preparation. To make the process more efficient, check out these helpful tips that'll make the process go more smoothly:


  • We will cover your vents with plastic bags for you
  • Remove furniture from the room
  • Open windows during staining
  • Avoid walking on the floors for 48 hours




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